As responsible citizens of towns and cities across the nation, America's brewers and wholesalers have sought to make our communities the best they can be. Working with community leaders is an important and effective part of our efforts to encourage positive lifestyles and prevent alcohol abuse.

  • BABES (Beginning Alcohol and Addictions Basic Education Studies)

    Essential seed money was provided for BABES, which helps children ages 3-12 with their understanding of alcoholism and addiction. BABES now operates in 45 states and six countries.

  • BICAF (Beer Institute Community Assistance Fund)

    BICAF provides grants of up to $10,000 to community-based organizations in need of support for effective anti-abuse education and prevention programs.

  • Good Time -- A guide to responsible Event Planning

    This guide provides information about server training, ID Checks, wristbanding, designated driver initiatives, and safe ride home programs to ensure safe and responsible events.

  • Guidelines for Responsible Hosts

    These guidelines remind hosts that they share a responsibility in the consumption of alcohol beverages they serve to their guests at social functions. The guidelines outline steps to plan a safe, fun party.

  • It's Just Not Worth It

    "It's Just Not Worth It" high school assembly guide provides step-by-step instructions to students for planning and conducting high school assemblies, featuring law enforcement professionals and impaired driving victims who discuss the dangers of drunk driving.

  • Let's Talk Over A Beer

    A free discussion guide for parents and consumers explains everything from how to drink responsibly to having a family discussion about alcohol to understanding alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

  • LBIC (Licensed Beverage Information Council)

    In existence for over a decade, LBIC has been a driving force in promoting educational approaches to alcohol abuse. Last year LBIC and the American Medical Association joined up to produce a medical education program for physicians called "The Diagnosis and Treatment of Alcoholism."

  • Midnight Basketball League

    The Midnight Basketball League gives young adults a safe, supervised place to play organized basketball during the peak hours of drug and crime-related activity.

  • NOSAPP (National Organization of Student Assistance Programs and Partners)

    NOSAPP strives to improve the academic performances of elementary and high school students by teaching them how to avoid problems associated with alcohol and drug abuse.

  • Parent to Parent for Prevention

    This program works with parents, educators and law enforcement personnel in school systems to create awareness of substance abuse issues.

  • Point of Sale Program

    To help retailers, Beer Institute and teamed up to create and distribute nearly two million posters and flyers showing the importance of checking for identification. The posters were distributed to retail outlets throughout the country.

  • Think Safety, Drink Safely

    These giveaway materials (Frisbees, key chains, sun glasses, etc.) are distributed at fairs, carnivals and community events to relay an important anti-abuse message to consumers.

  • Youth Service and Leadership

    Brewers support youth service and leadership activities that encourage young people to begin a lifelong commitment to community improvement and civic participation. Results are lower rates of substance abuse, violence, suicide, school disruption, and delinquency.

  • Wholesaler Community Action Profiles

    Cindi Lamb, co-founder of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), is working with NBWA to increase wholesaler involvement in addressing the social needs of communities. Ms. Lamb has developed a Community Action Profile catalog which highlights exemplary and unique wholesaler alcohol awareness and education programs.

  • Yes, You May Use the Car but First...

    This parent/teen discussion guide helps parents talk with their children about making safe, legal decisions about drinking and driving.

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