BICAF Grant Application Form

Name of Organization:
Mailing Address:
Amount of Funding Requested
For what purpose is the grant sought?

How did you learn about the Community Assistance Fund?

What is your organization's objective?

How long has your organization been in existence?

Describe current programs/projects undertaken by your organization.

List any awards or recognition your organization has received for its work. Include any community references or examples of publicity your organization has received.

What is your organization's annual budget for the current and last two fiscal years?

From what sources does your organization receive funding, and by what percentage (ie. X% from private individuals, Y% from corporate grants, etc.)?

List the officers and members of the board of directors for your organization.
Regarding this specific grant request:

What is the timetable for the program/project?

List other sources of funding available for this program/project, not including those providing funds

Applicants must provide complete answers for each of the above questions.

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