he men and women of the American brewing industry take pride in the products we make. As an industry, as individual brewers, as wholesalers and as private citizens, our highest priority and our greatest challenge is to ensure that our products are always enjoyed responsibly.

America's Brewers and Wholesalers remain dedicated to finding and adopting creative and effective solutions to alcohol abuse. Introducing alcohol awareness curricula in schools, broadcasting public service announcements for drivers, and funding medical research are examples of the many ways we accomplish these goals.

Why do we devote such effort and resources to fighting alcohol abuse? Because no reputable business benefits when its products are misused, and because the families affected by alcohol abuse are our friends, our neighbors and our families, too. We are concerned about the communities we live in, and it's in our interest to combat alcohol abuse.

Educational & Consumer Education

America's brewers and wholesalers are leaders in providing information to the public urging safe and responsible alcohol consumption. The creativity and commitment of the brewing industry shows in each of the programs which educate the public about the proper use of alcohol: