• Beer Institute Advertising and Marketing Code

    Brewing industry advertising guidelines were developed as a service to those responsible for the advertising and marketing of beer. They provide guidance which helps brewers maintain the highest ethical standards in their advertising. The brewing industry first developed voluntary guidelines on advertising in the 1950s. over the years, the industry has periodically revised and updated these guidelines, most recently in 1992.

  • Television and Radio PSAs

    Beer Institute, NBWA and individual brewers each produce radio, television, print ads, and public service announcements concerning ways to fight dunk driving and underage drinking, and to promote personal responsibility among adults who chose to drink.

  • "Know When To Say When", "Think When You Drink", "Drink Safely", "Drink Smart or Don't Start", Now, Not Now"' and "If You Don't Say No"

    These consumer awareness campaigns help fight drunk driving and underage drinking, and promote responsible consumption of beer by adults who chose to drink. Included in prime-time television commercials, movies, billboards, newspaper ads, table displays and/or counter-top literature, these messages underscore the responsibilities of each individual when choosing to drink.