• A Toast to the Truth

    This video, created by state beer wholesale association executives, presents the facts about the beer industry's efforts to curb alcohol abuse, and its economic contributions to society.

  • FACT Forum (For Alcohol Consumption Truth)

    To discuss the true facts about alcohol consumption and abuse, this forum is hosted in communities across the country for hundreds of concerned citizens and reporters.

  • Good Sport

    Through communication, training and management techniques, the Good Sport program helps stadium operators, team owners and concessionaires prevent disruptive crowd behavior at stadium events, street festivals, concerts, and other special events.

  • Holiday Moderation Advertising

    NBWA produces ready-to-print responsible drinking advertisements with holiday themes and distributes them to wholesalers for easy placement in local newspapers and newsletters.

  • Pit Stop

    Pit Stop is designed to give motorists a place to take a break from driving, to have a free snack, and to receive information about brewers' awareness programs. The program is usually set up at highway rest stops during holidays and other high-traffic seasons.

  • Ski Smart! Be Safe

    This guide to safe water-skiing includes information on factors which can contribute to impaired judgement.

  • TAM (Techniques of Alcohol Management)

    TAM offers instruction for those who serve alcohol beverages at licensed establishments. TAM has been adopted by the National Licensed Beverage Association and other food and beverage associations.

  • TIPS (Training for Intervention Procedures by Servers of Alcohol)

    Beer wholesaler employees help train bartenders and other alcohol servers in techniques for recognizing and preventing potential alcohol abuse situations.

  • Winners Drink Safely

    These coordinated materials remind consumers to make safe decisions about drinking.

  • Your Alcohol IQ

    This educational video uses celebrities to discuss the consumption and abuse of alcohol beverages, and quizzes viewers on their knowledge of the subject.