The Stroh Brewery Company

Under the leadership of Chairman Peter W. Stroh and his family, The Stroh Brewery Company has built a strong record of environmental conservation based on a true concern for nature. For more than three decades, Stroh has committed immeasurable resources to finding new ways of recycling, reducing waste and reusing materials in a genuine effort to protect our environment.

  • In 1987, Stroh developed and pioneered the use of the 204-end can, a revolutionary design that reduced the overall amount of aluminum used in can production. In the last five years, this technology, along with other manufacturing improvements, has reduced Stroh's aluminum usage by 76,000,000 pounds.

  • Stroh has worked closely with its suppliers of corrugated cardboard boxes to reduce waste. Currently 30 to 50 percent of the corrugated boxes Stroh uses are made of recycled contents, which reduces the use of new materials and helps increase overall demand for recycled products.

  • Stroh has also taken advantage of new technology to reduce the weight of glass bottles. Lighter weight bottles reduce the use of manufacturing materials and transportation fuel usage as well.

  • Stroh has joined forces with resource recovery companies to produce animal bedding from returnable fiber cases. At Stroh's St. Paul plant alone, more than 90 percent of its cases are shredded and used by Minnesota farmers.

  • As part of its material reuse philosophy, Stroh has found yet another way to be kind to nature and eliminate waste at the same time. Spent grains from the brewing process are used across the country as high-protein livestock feed.

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