Background on the Beer Institute

The Beer Institute was organized in 1986 to represent the brewing industry, and America's 80 million responsible beer drinkers, before Congress, the Administration, and the general public. The Institute also promotes responsible consumption and works with wholesalers and retailers to fight underage drinking and drunk driving.

Two examples of the Beer Institute's commitment to community service are the Safe Holiday Reminder Series, a national anti-drunk driving public service announcement campaign that is heard in virtually every market in America, and the Beer Institute Community Assistance Fund, a charitable fund established to aid local groups in the fight against substance abuse.

In addition to providing leadership on public policy issues the affect the industry, Beer Institute plays an important role in representing the interests of a broad coalition of companies, farmers and workers nationwide.

The malt beverage industry provides and estimated 900,000 jobs for industry employees, wholesalers and retailers. Beyond these workers, the beer industry supports thousands of farmers, distributors and manufacturers who supply raw materials and transport or who help package, beer.

Local, regional, national and international brewers...agricultural interests...manufacturing companies...all are part of the trade association representing the American brewing industry: the Beer Institute.

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