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Drunk Driving

  • ADDY (Alcohol, Drugs, Driving & You)

    ADDY gives high school students information about alcohol, drugs, and their effects on judgement, behavior and driving performance.

  • Alert Cab

    This program fights drunk driving by bringing together local wholesalers, cab companies and retail establishments to provide free or reduced fare cab rides home to bar and restaurant patrons.

  • I'm Driving

    This program promotes the use of designated drivers at bars, restaurants and home parties. Consumers typically receive free non-alcoholic beverages or discounts on food from an establishments in exchange for being the designated driver in a group and refraining from drinking on that occasion.

  • Last Call

    Make your last call a safe ride home. This program is being implemented to help keep drunk drivers off the road by providing free cab rides home. Last Call informs consumers about responsible drinking and encourages them to know their limits and leave the driving to someone else.

  • Safe Boating, Safe Snowmobiling and Friends of Field Programs

    Safety tips offered to boaters, snowmobilers, swimmers and hunters are provided through various pamphlets and educational programs. The safe boating and sportsmen programs encourage boaters, sportsmen and other recreation enthusiasts to be responsible during all recreational activities through print advertisements and consumer materials on hypothermia, safety equipment, distress signals, and responsible drinking. The Steer Clear responsible snowmobiling public awareness program seeks to reduce snowmobiling accidents by encouraging snowmobile operators to drive their vehicles with cation and care.

  • Safe Holiday Reminder Series

    Beer Institute produces and distributes public service announcements to over 2,000 radio stations nation wide for broadcast during six major driving holidays annually. Using humor as an effective way to reach the listening audience, each has a serious message and asks listeners not to drive drunk and not to ride with a drunk driver.