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Safe Holiday
Drunk Driving PSAs

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BEER INSTITUTE   National Association of Broadcasters

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Memorial Day, Blue Angels :30
Labor Day, Tom Kite :30
Labor Day, Summers End :30

General Industry
Position Papers

Preventing Alcohol Abuse
  • We ID Cards and Stickers
    Laminated Cards to help retailers spot fake I.D.'s

  • Commitment to the Future
    Overview of industry programs

  • Focus on Underage Drinking
    Community resource guide for broadcasters

  • Beer Industry Initiatives to Address Underage Drinking
    Overview of industry efforts to curb underage drinking

  • Brewer Programs
    Sampling of program materials available from Anheuser-Busch, Miller, and Coors
  • Safe Holiday Reminder Series/Underage Drinking PSA's
    Radio PSA's with "Don't Drive Drunk" and Underage Drinking Messages"
  • Signs of Progress
    Charts and statistics on underage drinking and drunk driving
  • Guarding Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Nineties
    A guide for building public/private partnerships

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