Publications and Materials List

General Industry
  • Beer Institute Brochure
    Overview of Institute activities

  • Continuing the Great Tradition of Beer
    Historical and Cultural Account of Beer

  • Beer: An American Agricultural Product
    Industry's Relationship with America's farmers

  • Brewing: A Story of Economic Impact
    State-by-State Industry economic contribution

  • Home Life in America
    Describes artwork in 1940 and 1950's ad campaign

  • Federal Excise Tax
  • Business Advertising Deductibilty
  • Health Care Reform
  • Advertising Warning Legislation
  • Preventing Alcohol Abuse
  • 104th Congress Directory
Preventing Alcohol Abuse
  • Commitment to the Future
    Overview of industry programs
  • Focus on Underage Drinking
    Community resource guide for broadcasters
  • Safe Holiday Reminder Series
    Radio PSA's with "Don't Drive Drunk" Messages"

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