Our Commitment To A Clean Environment

The brewers of America have, for decades, made tremendous corporate commitments to improving our environment and reducing solid waste. As a result, we have found innovative solutions to waste reduction and recycling that make our industry second to none in its management of these critical issues.

For our members, environmental solutions fall into two major areas: source reduction, which reduces the amount of waste produced; and recycling, a recapturing of the containers, materials and other byproducts of the brewing process.

Below, you will read summaries of the impressive accomplishments of the four largest American brewers in these important areas. Together, we have a proud record of national leadership, of innovation and accomplishment. We believe our record represents the concern and progress demonstrated by many brewers -- both large and small -- throughout the industry.

None of this progress would be possible without the strong support and assistance of America's beer drinkers, who enjoy our products and use them responsibly. While encouraging the responsible use of our products, we also ask our consumers to help us take care of the planet -- for our generation and those to come -- by participating in our many recycling programs.