Coors Brewing Company

Adolph Coors Company has a long tradition of conserving our natural resources and minimizing environmental impact. Over the past 40 years, several pioneering efforts have produced significant achievements.

  • In 1959, Coors became the first company in the United States to manufacture aluminum beverage containers for commercial use. This was the result of a five year, $10 million research and development effort by Coors.

  • Also in 1959, Coors established the country's first aluminum can recycling effort by offering one penny for each used can returned by our customers.

  • In 1992, for the second time in three years, Coors exceeded a 100 percent can recovery rate when Golden Aluminum Company (GAC) recycled more that the four billion cans produced by the brewing company. (GAC was a subsidiary of Adolph Coors Company in 1992.)

  • In 1992, Coors was the nation's only brewer, and one of only 29 Fortune 500 companies, to accept and meet the CONEG Challenge issued by the Conference of Northeastern Governors. To meet the challenge, companies must achieve specific objectives in packaging to reduce the volume of waste and materials flowing to landfills.

  • In 1992, Coors Glass Manufacturing collected 51,429 tons of post-consumer recycled glass to make new beer bottles, more than tripling the 1989 total.