Several statistical reports produced by the Beer Institute Research Department appear below. These represent examples of the current, timely and, sometimes, unique information published by Beer Institute, which we make available at no additional charge to our members. Examples of these reports include:

State Shipment Reports

Each week, BI publishes reports showing monthly and year-to-date beer shipments to all fifty-one states (including the District of Columbia). In addition, depending on availability of data, BI publishes a draught/package mix and shipments by individual brewers.

BI also issues a separate monthly state shipment report showing California beer shipments for individual brewers located both within and outside California.


Monthly Forecast of Sales

By the 19th of every month, Beer Institute publishes a forecast of national beer sales, based upon information from the four largest brewers (Anheuser-Busch, Miller, Coors, and Stroh).

State-by-State Shipment Estimates

The report shows estimates of (and actual, when available) total shipments, by state, based upon data received from major brewers, with year-to-date totals.


Agricultural Product Report

Our newest report gives information on usage of grains, sugars, sirups, and hops used in the brewing process, and trade statistics on agricultural products. Data used for this report comes from the same BATF publication as the one giving "official" domestic shipments referred to at the start of this presentation. The last month of information for this report is September 1996.


State Container and Package Mix, and Package Configuration Reports

One semiannual report gives percentage estimates of beer sales nationally and in every state for cans, one-way bottles, refillable bottles and draught. A separate semiannual report for cans and one-way bottles compares usage of different packaging configurations (6-pack, 12-pack, etc.).


Brewer's Almanac

This publication contains a wide range of industry statistical information. The Almanac includes production, taxpaid withdrawals, tax collections, consumption (total, state-by-state and per capita), agricultural statistics, imports, exports, financial statistics, employment, excise tax rates and methods of collection, and draught/package trends.

State of the Industry

Annual report on sales trends in the brewing industry, with regional details and comparisons with macroeconomic growth.