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Research and Publications

Brewer's Almanac
A wide range of statistical information including production, taxpaid withdrawals, tax collections, consumption (total, state-by-state and per capita), agricultural statistics, imports, exports, financial statistics, employment, excise tax rates and methods of collection, and draught/package trends.

Monthly Statistical Updates
Statistical updates contain information collected by Beer Institute and the United States Department of Commerce reflecting monthly and year-to-date unofficial national sales data in taxable removals, total imports of malt beverages from all countries, total commercial exports of malt beverages to all countries, and state-by-state beer shipment estimates in consumption for the cumulative total of all states.

Export/Import Reports
Beer Institute, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Census, releases a monthly Export and Import Report for alcoholic and non-alcoholic malt beverages. The Export Report is a summary of volume in gallons and barrels of commercial malt beverage exports from the United States, by country of destination and year-to-date comparison. The Import Report is a summary of volume in gallons and barrels of malt beverage imports, by country of origin and year-to-date comparison for a consolidation of draught/bottle/can data.

State Shipment Reports
Monthly and year-to-date beer shipments to each state and the District of Columbia.

State-by-State Shipment Estimates
Estimates of total shipments by state with year-to-date totals.

Monthly Forecast of Sales
A forecast of national beer sales based upon information from the nation's largest brewers.


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